An Introduction To HE: Research Trail Assignment

I understand that by completing this task satisfactorily I will be able to show competence in the techniques covered in the Introductory Course. I will summarise the findings of my research, and write a short evaluation reflecting on my work and the experience of producing that work.

My learning log will be used to collate and evaluate my research. The completed work and development of that work will be presented on the learning log. Finally, I will reflect on the process of studying the whole induction course.

I will choose a topic or person from the 20th century that I am interested in to investigate. The research must be taken from two or more books, two or more journals/magazines, one reputable website and a set of notes made from primary research in a gallery or museum.


Well, I had a false start yesterday, after deciding to research Louise Bourgeois, I made a mind map of key areas, researched keywords using the ‘graball’ meta search website, and spent a couple of hours researching books/articles that I might be able to use, quotations by the artist, images of her work using the OCA’s online resources section, and the best website to use as my ‘reputable website source’, only to find that I would not be able to carry out the primary research aspect of the task, as none of her artworks are currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in Edinburgh (I am going to Edinburgh for a study visit on Saturday, so had hoped to combine the research with the visit).

The research will be kept for future use and reference, and I will look out for the next time her work is exhibited nearby, to complete the primary research aspect.

After thinking it over, I have decided to start again, but check that I can do the primary research before deciding which artist to research. I will try and find any books I need at Carlisle Library, which is my nearest city library, when it reopens after the Bank Holiday.

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