An Introduction To HE: Research Trail Assignment: Notes, etc, 1

Some initial key words to search for: looks rather blank at the moment!

Bridget Riley Mind Map 1

This is the page of notes I made as a checklist for starting research.

How To Research Notes

The areas I am interested in researching in particular are:-

Riley’s inspirations

The Op-Art Movement

Her process for producing art works

Her body of work – range and development – including some key artworks

Riley Books Carlisle LibraryRiley ExhibitionRiley Mind Map 2Riley Notes on Bio T RiggsRiley Sooke Review

Definition of ‘Pointillism’:- “technique of neo-impressionist painting using tiny dots of various pure colours, which become blended in the viewer’s eye. It was developed by Seurat with the aim of producing a greater degree of luminosity and brilliance of colour”. Source:- Google search for meaning of pointillism

Riley Sooke Review 2

I decided to see which, if any, colour theory might apply to Riley’s paintings and consulted David Hornung’s book “Colour: A workshop For Artists and Designers”.

Riley colour theory + notesRiley colour theory + notes 2Riley colour theory + notes 3

Riley Carlisle Library Research 1Riley Carlisle Library Research 2Riley Carlisle Library Research 3Riley Carlisle Library Research 4Riley Carlisle Library Research 5Riley Louisa Buck BBC Documentary 2Riley Louisa Buck BBC DocumentaryRiley mind map 3Riley process imageSeurat Bridge at Courbevoie

Thoughts on the day’s research: disappointed that the library didn’t have more books available on the subject (just one). The most helpful source was the BBC documentary, which had some excerpts of Bridget Riley herself speaking about her influences and inspirations. Hoping to find out more from the exhibition on Saturday, when I will be doing my primary research. The more general art books were of no or little use. The hardest thing is trying to focus in on the questions you want to find the answers to, so good to start the research with those in mind. There is so much information even in one book that it is easy to go off at a tangent. I am particularly interested in Riley’s inspirations, process, the reason for making her artworks; and to learn something about Op Art.

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