A Textiles Vocabulary: My Understanding Of Course Outcomes and Learning Outcomes

This course will give me the knowledge and experience to research and produce textile work that will reflect my personal voice through choices made in media, techniques, language, interests and focus.

These skills will be developed through researching the work of textile artists and designers; and primary research in the form of looking, drawing, and note taking; and written reflection.

I will be able to use colour in a meaningful way in my work. The course will help me to explore colour through the use of various media, and teach me how to store reference material on colour, for future use.

I will develop a range of technical skills and be able to use a variety of media in my work. I will experiment with old and new yarn types; and will learn about ‘textile sampling’.

I will be able to reflect on my learning experiences and experiments during the course, which will help in decision-making about the best way to approach and proceed with future textile projects.

I must record my thoughts and progress in my Learning Log, with these Learning Outcomes in mind, so that my tutor, Cari, can assess my understanding and development in these areas.

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