Assignment 1: Introductory Assignment

Key Aspects and Tasks

I have read through the course notes for the first assignment and have picked out what I think the key aspects and tasks of the assignment will be:-

  • researching other practitioner’s work for ideas and inspiration, and reflecting on the research;
  • choosing a theme, then mind-mapping and free association to come up with ideas;
  • selecting and gathering an interesting and varied collection of objects that represents my interpretation of the theme;
  • exploring arrangements, layouts, backgrounds etc to create a mood that matches the theme;
  • observing and representing the textures, details, patterns, shapes and forms of the objects. Using a variety of media on a range of paper types and sizes. Mark-making and drawing, focusing on the qualities the objects exude;
  • analysing my performance on the assignment with respect to the learning outcomes;
  • writing a self-assessment about how I performed on this assignment, with reference to the assessment criteria.

Key Tasks

These are the key tasks that I have identified and put into the order in which I will carry them out.

Assignment One - Key Tasks Diagram

Time Table Plan

This is the time table for the tasks that I have come up with. It looks a bit tight to me, but I will contact Cari if I think I need a bit more time to complete it.Assignment One - Timetable of Tasks

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