Textile Samples: Cotton

Textile Samples Cotton 1

Reading through the First Assignment, I came across the excellent suggestion about keeping a textiles sample library, so here is my first sample. A much-beloved fabric for me: one of my husband’s old shirts. I have a large fabric stash, and it will be interesting to find out more about fabric production and finishes, printing etc It will make a useful ‘reference library’ for future projects.

I found a short mention of how brushed finishes are achieved on http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/design/textiles/productiontechniquesrev5.shtml

Brushing involves passing fabrics through rollers with wire brushes that lift the fibres to form a nap.

A You Tube video, called “Sueding, Brushing Textile Machine” shows the process in action on a Caru Magica machine. The roll of fabric passes between rollers with fine wire brushes (or these may possibly be diamond coated since that is mentioned in the name of the machine?). It passes out of the machine and is folded in a concertina fashion into a large stack. The process seems to generate a lot of dust and fine fibre particles. The body of the machine is encased in a metal and transparent-windowed casing, with the dust being extracted into a large plastic sack.

I will look for books on textile production next time I visit the library.

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