Assignment 1: Research on Drawing

In my research for this Assignment, I have looked at the drawings and approaches of the artists suggested in the course, and a few others that interest me.

I find that I am having to even question what I think drawing is. (Before this research and this course, I would have said that it was mainly for producing a likeness of the object or scene being studied, or to make a preliminary sketch for a finished piece of work). I like Michael Ginsborg’s quote about “…the drawing attitude” quoted by Alison Carlier and used as the title for her set of conversations with artists on the subject of drawing. I think it means having at open, exploring, adventurous approach to drawing: experimenting, questioning what drawing is for, and why we do it and what it could be.

Thinking of how this relates to my work in this Assignment: my head is now spinning with possibilities. I will explore drawing using different approaches and media. I will try to explore a variety of approaches, different ones in each sketch: for example:- descriptive drawing, textures, feelings and emotions, pattern, close-up studies – maybe trying out a drawing app – all exciting prospects!

I have included my research notes and sources below.

Assignment One - Research 1Assignment One - Research 2Assignment One - Research 3Assignment One - Research 4Assignment One - Research 5Assignment One - Research 6Assignment One - Research 7Assignment One - Research 8Assignment One - Research 9Assignment One - Research 10Assignment One - Research 11Assignment One - Research 12

Assignment One - Research 17Assignment One - Research 18Assignment One - Research 19Assignment One - Research 20

8 thoughts on “Assignment 1: Research on Drawing”

  1. You’re making a brilliant start. Love how you’ve presented this and thank you so much too for sharing a page of your sketchbook on the forum.

    Looking forward to watching your progress on the course and getting to know your work better.



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