Assignment 1: Brainstorming Ideas For ‘Nature’s Larder’ Theme

Being interested in food, I was immediately drawn to the ‘Nature’s Larder’ theme for this assignment. I decided to start a mind map and, at first, went down the route of foraged foods (nuts, berries, fungi, seaweed etc), and plant-based diets (allotments, fruit and vegetables etc) which I think, could be interesting topics, but after some more thought, the word ‘survival’ popped up and I started to think about nature’s larder being what animals and birds eat. Then the phrase “red in tooth and claw” came to mind (I see from the website that this is a quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem, In Memoriam A. H. H., 1850.)

This seemed to promise some interesting associations. Here is my rather messy mind-map (please excuse spelling errors below, eg territory and spiky):-

Brainstorming Ideas Natures Larder

I will gather some appropriately representative objects tomorrow. Rather an odd subject for a vegetarian to choose, but there won’t be any meat or taxidermy involved!

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