Assignment 1 – Final Drawings

For my final drawing for this assignment, I decided to do over-sized close-ups concentrating on one area at a time. I thought I would try to use masking fluid for the mark making, as it was something I had not tried before. I used a pointed, fine wooden stick (such as those used for vegetable kebabs) to apply the liquid.

On my first attempt, I started to put the watercolour wash over the masking fluid before it had properly dried, so it blended with the paint and pulled off more of the background than I would have liked in some places. I left some areas intact to give a bit more blackness to the background. I actually like this attempt best of the five I tried. I was working on red coloured paper to see what effect a different background would give to the marks. It fitted with the theme of ‘red in tooth and claw’ and the marks (although based on the fur knit scarf) actually looked like angry claw scratches in places.

I tried the scarf again, waiting for the masking fluid to dry more this time. I liked the areas that retained more paint and became darker, but it doesn’t have quite the impact and variety of the first attempt.


The feather on watercolour paper. I liked this one, too, but it probably would have had more impact with a darker background.


The twig on an old magazine page, with watercolour and felt pen in the background. The part on the white section with writing on it was quite interesting – it reminded me of Chinese brush paintings, but the paper was too thin and brittle and tore in one place and the image was indistinct over the sections of the magazine that had pictures on it.


The final drawing was of the buttons and beads, but I didn’t like this at all. The paint spatter that I had added, barely showed. The image reminds me of bits and pieces floating on water – might come in handy one day.


While I was doing this exercise, I thought it seemed a familiar technique, and it suddenly struck me that it was like the piece of batik work that I had done as part of my Art O’ Level (many years ago!). I will keep my eyes open for a wax heater and tools, and try this technique out on fabric because I like the effects that it produces.

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