Assignment 1: Self Evaluation: Performance Against Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I selected objects which showed variety in their surface textures and forms (the smooth, sharp knife;  ‘furry’ scarf; tiny, hard beads etc). I arranged my chosen objects in an interesting way, which embodied my theme. I achieved this by experimenting with several layouts and different backgrounds first.

I observed the objects closely, and used a variety of media and techniques to capture the textures and feelings evoked by the arrangement and theme, trying mark making with pens, ink, charcoal, threads, paints, pencil, fabric collage, masking fluid, and also an audio drawing. I think that my drawing skills could certainly be improved through more practise.

I am not sure how successful my resulting experiments have been. I will await my tutor’s comments on that, but I do feel that they have been useful to me in providing a new ‘tool box’ of techniques to work with.

Quality of outcome

I believe that the range of media I tried out was good, but I could perhaps have tried more variety in the sizes of drawings and views of the objects. I used the research on drawing to inform my choices of drawing materials and techniques, for example, trying out an ‘audio drawing‘. I put a lot of thought into my mind-map and the selection of objects for the arrangement, and I feel that these choices represented my ideas around the theme of ‘nature red in tooth and claw’ well. I will include the majority of the drawings, however, but have made comments on whether I felt they worked or not elsewhere on my learning log.

Demonstration of creativity

I think that my choice of theme was interesting and unusual (to me, at least!). I certainly experimented with a variety of new (to me) media and ideas about what a drawing could be. I think I have a long way to go on developing a ‘personal voice’, but am starting to evaluate whether a technique or style feels right for me. For example, I particularly disliked the collage that I made, whereas the more abstract pieces intrigued me, and I feel encouraged to research and experiment more in this area.


I can truly state that I have never done so much reflection in my life! Being encouraged to write down my thoughts and put into words what I have learned is quite a revelation, and I have found myself reasoning more clearly in daily life. Critical thinking has been important for focusing on what is useful to me when researching, for example, for this assignment, I limited myself to researching only the drawings of the suggested artists (and those of a few other artists that interest me). This helped to avoid being side tracked by going into too much detail about other aspects of the artists’ work. Reflecting upon what works and what doesn’t from my experiments, has clarified in my mind, the techniques to carry forward for future projects.

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