Inspiration: Two Images That Caught My Eye

A friend lent me a copy of Apollo Magazine, which caters for art collectors. It was quite a gold mine of interesting images. These two caught my eye, in particular. The first is a Celtic pagan male head sculpture, dating to c.200-300 AD. I am quite fascinated by the way human and animal faces are depicted, especially in masks or primitive figurines and carvings: how little detail is needed for us to read it as a face? Two eyes and a mouth seem to be enough to signal ‘face’ to our brains.

Notes on celtic head sculpture

The second image I picked out was this mud painting by land artist Richard Long. As I have been researching different ways of making marks on paper recently, this added another line of thought regarding different types of media to use:- substances or items found in the environment. The work of Andy Goldsworthy has also been of interest to me. These artists make installations and artworks, using stone, leaves, water, mud, ice, body movements, etc, sometimes a fleeting moment captured in photographs. I like the use of natural materials that speak of a particular time and place: also they seem to offer the ultimate in sustainable art.

Notes on Richard Long mud painting

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