Part One: Observing and Capturing: Lists of Qualities of Objects

Project 2: Recording and Capturing

Exercise 1.3 Making Marks

Lists of Qualities For Chosen Items

Item One: Rag Rug

fraying crumbly gritty dusty dirty
faded chunky coarse knobbly squashy
thick heavy matted flattened worn
handmade looped lively primitive recycled
used loved sturdy thrifty charming


Item Two: Patchwork Quilt

squares lines ridges crumpled rippled
sewn stitched draping soft folding
worn holed wispy bold lasting
light & shade cosy decorative patterned warm
dotty checks ditsy repetition rectangles


Item Three: Pullover

thick chunky hairy itchy scratchy
rough fine bobbly pilled patterned
traditional knitted yellowish worn vintage
protective warm well-made lasting heirloom
machine-made gift child’s diamonds squares

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