Part One: Observing and Capturing: Mark Making Drawings

Project 2: Recording and Capturing

Exercise 1.4: Lines and Edges

Pullover Drawings

This drawing is made with the lawnmower on grass (shown at right above). 4.2 m wide by 2.5 m high. It uses the different levels of grass to reveal the silhouette of the pullover. I used a plastic film over the photograph to highlight the outline (left, above). The experiment was not altogether successful. This was one of three attempts, thwarted by the varied growth in the grass and the small areas I had to work with – it would probably work better with longer grass on a large area of lawn. The grass did somewhat suggest the texture of the pullover.

A1 size. Closed eyes drawing with ink and large paint brush.

I had to open my eyes to refuel the brush when it felt dry, but apart from that kept them closed. I would use a felt pen instead, to avoid that, in future. Quite a lively drawing, but not much like the original.




A1 size drawing in ink using a bunch of twigs (seen at centre of image in this link). This was probably the most successful drawing that I made in this series of the pullover. Although it was rather random as to which twigs would draw, it lent the piece some variety in the lines. I was trying to explore the chunkiness of the textile in this drawing, and I think it does have that feel to it.

Next a drawing using two ends of the black feather also shown in an earlier post. I did not cut the feather into a quill, but used the pointed end as it was; the feather end was cut to a point. The pointed end was chosen to suggest the ‘scratchy’ look of the wool, but the lines were actually quite smooth.


A1 size drawing, ink applied with two ends of a feather. The pointed end of the feather made the finer lines. It needed dipping every few seconds so the lines go from dark to light very quickly. The lines made with the feathery end were very hard to control and somewhat random, but I thought they contrasted with the finer line quite well. This drawing was made to explore the pattern and ribbing of the jumper. I liked the loose, over all effect and contrast of the lines.

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