Textile Samples: 100% Woven Cotton – Deckchair Fabric

Source:- Days Gone By Deckchairs (company no longer online – may have closed down) Fabric purchased in 2013

Observations:- woven, striped pattern. Stripes vary in width from approx 1 – 9 cm (eight colours: mustard, cherry red, golden yellow, purple, khaki, baby pink, soft coral, turquoise). Bought to reupholster two traditional deckchairs. The fabric is strong, easy to sew by machine, and is machine washable. It comes in a narrow width to fit its purpose: 46 cm. Edges are uneven but do not require sewing. On a similar website:- “As a ‘utilitarian’ fabric, the ‘frilly’ appearance of the edges of the fabric is a charming characteristic of the weaving process (similar to hemps, tickings and hessians)- these edges are finished and will not fray, nor is it necessary to sew them.”

Handle: soft, yet slightly stiff, and ridged.

Weight: medium, cut edges fray readily.

Possible uses: deck chairs, cushions, table runner, possibly a window blind.

Related research: weaving. Another company selling deckchair fabrics has multiple alternatives to  woven cotton, such as manmade textiles that are more weatherproof and fadeproof than cotton: Textilene, Batyline, Acrylic and Polyethylene. They describe their cotton fabric as being “… woven by craftsmen using pre-war looms…”.

Deckchair Cotton Woven-001

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