Written Reflection on Part One


I decided to continue my exploration of a range of media for this part of the coursework, using different sizes of paper, different surfaces and tools, (including drawing on 3D objects) and even some slightly weird examples, such as my grass pullover, mud rag rug, and slug drawings of plants. I made multiples of some drawings to try out different aspects with each: (different views/focus/backgrounds/media etc). This gave a range of ideas (and much-needed drawing practise!) that could be taken forward for development into completed art works.

New knowledge

Further research into ways of drawing, and other artists’ work has been an inspiration to try new media. I now feel that there is no limit on what a drawing can be: any ground, any media, any tools, any marks or combination of marks. Using a feather or a bunch of twigs, or collage, or fingers on a digital screen to represent the objects; varying the speed and size of the drawing can reap a variety of ways of representing the subject. Researching companies that design wall papers and textiles sparked a line of experimentation with repetition and pattern. The more I practise drawing, the greater the range of ideas and options that open up for future work.

What I’ve learned from observing and drawing textiles and plants

To draw from life, is truly to explore and understand the subject. Choosing a particular type of mark, media and surface can be more or less representative of the original, or can express some particular feature or emotion that you wish to exaggerate or highlight.

Reference material

I will continue to work on different ways of drawing (I’ve just made my first lino print block) to add to my growing library of techniques and media. Drawing an object with close attention to the details can help immensely when producing a simplified version, which I particularly like to feature in my work.

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