Assignment 2: Self-Evaluation: Performance Against Assessment Criteria

1 Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I experimented with a wide variety of techniques in the paper manipulations (embossing, dipping, cutting, tearing, collage, burning, folding, layering etc). Stitch was added to reflect the marks observed in the selected drawings using all sorts of threads and yarns, including wire, paper cord, elastic and plant material.

I represented the ideas of:- repetition – in the forms used, types of stitch and types of textile manipulation – ; scale – from the tiniest seed stitch (Piece 2) to large tied stitch (Piece 3) -; and placement – from flat areas with delicate stitch, next to areas with medium and high texture (all three textile pieces).

The designs for the textile pieces were worked out in my sketchbook, using small compositional drawings, and drawings exploring stitch placement, colour, and placement of texture.

I took my Tutor’s advice on standing back to look at the whole effect of the pieces, by pinning the works in progress to a cork board.  I feel that this helped in judging how the different areas of the textiles worked against each other.

I felt that I was quite strong on exploration of the media, but that the design and compositional aspects need more practise.

2 Quality of outcome

The three resulting pieces show variety and the use of different techniques, including textile manipulation: forming a grass-like texture in Piece 1, layering and punch needle (Piece 2), using scraps of re-purposed textiles to form the base textile (Piece 3).

I hope that I have presented the work in a coherent manner, with the textiles and samples mounted on mount board; the paper, and paper and stitch manipulations grouped by type, and a folder of labelled sketchbook work. The learning log features my deliberations and process throughout the Projects and Assignment.

Although I was not entirely happy with all three textile pieces, they form a useful body of experiments to inform future work. I feel that they have, for me, embodied my theme of re-wilding, although I think they may need an explanatory label!

3 Demonstration of creativity

The research on artists’ textiles for this Assignment expanded my ideas of materials that could be combined (for example, paint and textile), ways of embellishing, and experimentation with three-dimensional textures and forms.

I chose to take forward the grass drawing as inspiration for the Assignment textiles, and expanded the idea to the theme of ‘re-wilding’, which I felt pushed the textiles into an interesting area that had some personal relevance and meaning.

4 Context

Critical thinking about the work and ideas of other artists, and evaluating  different approaches and techniques, enables me to relate these to my own ideas and work (for example, the tied quilt I spotted in a book informed my third piece of textile work). I feel that this filtering of information has helped me to focus on issues that are important to me, such as the environment, and areas that interest me, such as abstraction.

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