Assignment 2: Written Reflection

First ideas in response to the brief

Excitement at the thought of paper manipulations, and adding stitch to paper – both new techniques for me.

First impression of the Assignment

Cari had suggested more cutting into textured surfaces, so I picked the grass drawing as an inspiration for the Assignment. This led to a theme of ‘Re-wilding’.

Techniques explored

This Assignment has been about exploring the translation of marks made in drawings into paper surfaces, stitch and textured base fabrics. New techniques included, burning, laminating, embossing, dipping, and wax coating. The process of research, thinking, drawing, experimenting, selecting and refining is beginning to become ingrained in the way that I work.

Strong points of my work

The paper (and stitch) manipulations explored a variety of techniques and media. Concentration on the grass drawing resulted in three quite different textiles: monotone (Piece 1), multiple textures (Piece 2), and constraints (rectangles/ knotted white stitches) (Piece 3). I liked aspects of 1 and 2, but thought that Piece 3 was the strongest.

Weaker aspects of my work

I still want to ‘jump in’ without doing the preparatory work of sampling, but I am starting to appreciate the benefits (eg, sampling helped me with techniques for tied stitches; and using paint instead of burning the base fabric in Piece 2). More sketching needed.

New skills

The main skill that I have learned is the usefulness of having a process when making an art work, and being open to play and exploration in the ‘discovery’ stage.

Potential work in future based on this Assignment

I will return to the theme of ‘re-wilding’ in the future, perhaps using more realistic colours. I enjoyed working in an abstract way, branching out into three-dimensions, and using unusual shapes for the artworks.

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