Sketchbook: Keri Smith

One of my tutor’s recommended books in my last feedback was Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like An Artist”. I mistakenly ordered the Journal version of the book and find that, near the beginning, there is a clue on one page to search for the work of Keri Smith (obviously one of the artists that has influenced his own book).

Keri is a Canadian artist and author of books such as ‘Wreck This Journal’ and ‘The Pocket Scavenger’. She specialises in books that are ‘open works’ that are completed by the reader or user. Her latest Vimeo film shows her method of collecting inspiration from her daily life and environment, called ‘Bricolage‘. Google defines the word as meaning “construction or creation from a diverse range of available things”.


These illustrations that she has made for magazines show her patchwork style of composition. They remind me somewhat of mind maps with the interconnecting ideas and images. I like the naïf style and simplicity of the images.

This artist’s work is a reminder to me that everything and anything can become an inspiration if you stop to observe and record it and consider its potential.

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook: Keri Smith”

  1. My daughter (aged 8) and I really enjoy the Keri Smith books, good fun – ‘wrecking the journal’ was really liberating as both of us are instinctively rule-followers and ‘don’t write in the book’ people.

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