Artist Research: Sketchbook: Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a Swiss-German artist (1879 – 1940). He taught at the German art school, Staatliches Bauhaus, and made the picture below left at that time. Since I am studying colour in my current coursework, he seemed like an interesting artist to study, and I will look at his work in more detail in future. For now, I made a felt pen study of his painting ‘Houses For Puppets’, and made some notes about my observations. Felt pen was not an ideal choice of medium as most of the colours are bright and pure, however, I could at least look at the distribution of colour about the canvas.


The bright, “dynamic” colours are contrasted with muted, “static” colours, the interactions between the colours causing some areas to stand out, and others to blend. Another similar example “Static-Dynamic Gradation” can be found on The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website, outer dark colors surround pure luminous ones in the centre.

These complex interactions between colours are something I have seen in my research into designers for Part Three of the Coursework: Kaffe Fassett and Paul Smith spring to mind as using colour palettes in a similar way.




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