Sketchbook Scans: Analysing an Image for Colour

I couldn’t resist this brightly coloured image from the newspaper. I decided to pick out some textiles to match the main colours in the image, to practise colour analysis, the topic of my current coursework.


I was able to find most of the colours, or something very similar, in fabric. Trying to keep a note of what I had used and where I had sourced it has made me realise that I have no idea where most of the fabrics that I own come from. Some have the pattern name and manufacturers’ details in the selvedge, but many do not. There are a few online and bricks & mortar shops that I use regularly, but many textiles are picked up as and when I see them, in charity shops, at auctions etc. I have decided to make a small paper label for future purchases as a reminder. Knowing the exact fibre content is also tricky for second-hand textiles, which could be important if they are used in a project, for future care and maintenance.

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