Sketchbook: Penny Rug Candle Mat

A ‘penny rug’ candle mat was a small side project I have hand sewn in the evenings. To try out the uni POSCA pens on a black background, I thought I would draw a loose interpretation of the sewing, then a repeated version even further removed from the original.

Candle Mat (hand sewn using the ‘penny rug’ technique, from re-purposed wool fabrics)


Two drawings inspired by the candle mat (uni POSCA pens).

I love the fact that these pens are opaque, even on a dark ground. Bright colours on a dark background are a favourite colour palette of mine: they remind me of folk art. The mat became ‘flowers’ and ended up with seven ‘petals’. I enjoyed drawing these, but I’m not sure if they will lead to anything else.

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook: Penny Rug Candle Mat”

  1. The magic of drawing! I hadn’t thought of a repeat design until I drew a single version of this. I had a look at tiling it in software, too, and my husband showed me how to create a ‘brush’ in Gimp using a selected area of the picture that you can then put down as a single image of any size, or a line of repeated images. Great potential there for fabric designs…


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