Sketchbook: Practising Mark Making

After a beautiful walk at the beach today, during which my husband and I took lots of photos, I decided to make a drawing inspired by one, that showed a seemingly blank area of beach with a few shells and pebbles, water inlets and a large pool of water and very distant views of some wind turbines. I took the opportunity to practise some mark making with Sakura Pigma pens with assorted tips.


Some areas are more successful than others. I like the contrast between the pool of water and the dark surround, but the far distance and line where the wet sand ends are somewhat indistinct.

I think this would look good in watercolour, and could probably be turned into a free motion embroidery picture mixed with some hand stitches inspired by the pen marks.

The pens are great: lots of variety possible with the different thicknesses of tip, and the ‘brush’ and ‘graphic’ pens, which have longer, more flexible ends, with a higher ink flow.

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