Sketchbook: A Gift of Yarn

I received a wonderful gift from my friend Margaret this week: a bag of assorted yarns: (they will be a great resource for my next practical exercises on linear media).


I picked out some with different textures to make a small arrangement for drawing. I limited myself to assorted white media on a grey khadi paper ground. This meant that I would have to use different types of lines and marks to represent the different textures of the yarns.

I used different, and I hoped, ‘appropriate’ media and marks for the type of yarn I was trying to draw: ink applied with a barbecue stick for the scratchy/hairy-looking turquoise yarn; gel pen for the grey, crimped yarn; gouache paint applied with a brush for the flowing lines of the circular profile shiny yarn and softer, looser marks for the soft, wavy yarn in the centre; the POSCA watercolour pen for the shiny, flat yarn at the front, and mixed chalk/pencil/gel pen marks for the yarn at the back left, comprising mixed fibres.

It resulted in some variety in the marks and lines: I particularly liked the soft painted lines of the central yarn. The shiny one was the least successful – perhaps something like wax might have represented the gleaming quality better. Anyway, some useful visual research on yarns to lead into the next part of the coursework!


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