Sketchbook: Deriving A Textile Pattern From A Collage Detail

In my feedback to Assignment 3, Cari had mentioned that she would like to see a translation of a detail of Collage #2 into an idea for a textile.


Detail of Collage #2

I decided to play with the image in Gimp software, applying (and undoing) a variety of filters (I am an absolute beginner with this software, so it is all trial and error!), followed by a tiling filter.

Three digital versions of the collage detail, altered and tiled

I picked acrylic paint to make my simplified version of a potential textile design. The acrylic is opaque and dries quickly, so painting layers of colour in this medium was easier than using watercolour, for example. Also, I felt that the colour saturation was important in translating the colourful original.

A simplified pattern in acrylic paint, with POSCA pen, detail (left) and A3

I have ended up with quite an exotic-looking fabric – perhaps suitable for a Hawaiian shirt or a tablecloth! There is more of the turquoise-blue than in the original, where the green and ultramarine blue predominate. This triadic colour palette leaves little room for the eye to rest, so it might be better with a more muted secondary pattern or background colour. Only a few strokes of dull purple are present as lines on the turquoise areas. (The purple occurred in the digital version, when the ‘make seamless’ filter was applied and the red and blue mixed.) An interesting exercise, and another piece of work to add to my colour file.

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