Sketchbook: Colour Palettes

bI have been extracting colour palettes from different locations (landscapes, cafes, IKEA etc) and from a newspaper photo and from our cat! Here are the latest palettes.


I tried to compose one in felt pens, but the result was too jarring next to the pencil versions (all the above examples are in coloured pencils). Trying to think about how to present them now. The artist book by Margrethe Odgaard will be a big influence. She has three colours placed with one across the top and two below, so that all the colours can be seen side by side, so I will have to consider how I can do this with five colours. I may make interwoven strips (although, they would not lie flat, then). Another consideration is how to, or if to, categorise them (eg, all the landscape-derived ones together). I will aim for about 30 palettes that I want to include before making the book.

A final thought is what I want to do with the colour palettes when they are made. I have it in mind to make abstract paintings and textile wall hangings using these colours palettes, but I imagine that they will be useful to refer to for inspiration on any project.


Websites:- Accessed 01/02/17

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