Coursework Part 4: Project 2: Creating Linear Forms: Review of Yarn Samples

This introduction to Project 2 asks me to review the yarn samples I have made so far in Part 4, and to see if any sort of theme has emerged.

Looking at them, all laid out, it seemed initially that there was very little similar about the yarn samples, as I had made an effort to try a variety of techniques and media in their creation. There seemed to be a mixture of both simple and complex forms and colour palettes.

The two techniques that I had used several times, however, were knotting and binding of some description (these were chosen as being representative of the source materials). Quite a number of the yarns were ‘robust’, or large in scale (although there were some more delicate ones as well).

To consider a different approach: I can try to make smaller scale, more delicate yarns with simpler construction techniques, avoiding knotting and binding. I’m not sure that I can avoid binding all together as there has to be some form of attachment between components. Perhaps plying might work in some cases, or using jump rings or other connectors?

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