Coursework Part 4: Project 2: Review Point: Demonstration of Creativity

The coursework text requires me to pause and think about how I have shown creativity and creative thinking in my work so far on this section.

Imagination – Drawing to explore ideas and to develop yarn concepts (examples here and here). Playing with the media, using mind maps for inspiration, and taking inspiration from my environment have suggested new combinations and methods of construction (eg, coat hangers, felt ‘wave’ yarn concept).

Experimentation – Unusual materials (jelly beans, glass buttons, card, etc); different scales of work (eg, my French knitted linear concept on a large scale, or the gesso-dipped yarn on a more delicate scale); different techniques (net making, binding, machine sewn, knotting, hand sewn, etc) have all been explored.

Invention – Altering materials (eg, fraying textiles, cutting, painting twigs, dipping, etc); combining unusual materials (eg, washers/wood/yarn, slate/pebbles/threads, artificial grass/buttons/paper cord, etc) are methods that I have employed to come up with new approaches to the subject.

Development of a Personal Voice – The artist/designer recommendations made by my tutor, Cari, have led to some research on colour that has felt very exciting in suggesting ways of developing and presenting my work. I feel that my colour palette choices and combinations of media used are the beginnings of a unique form of self-expression.

Thinking about aspects of my learning approach that require more imagination and creative thought: keeping more of the samples that I try out and make would give me a record to refer back to for future projects. My photography skills are somewhat lacking: I have difficulty in getting the correct lighting levels, leading to grey or yellowish tinges to images, however, I have tried to introduce some variety with different coloured backgrounds, or photographing items outdoors, if appropriate. I have some ideas about presenting the work more imaginatively, perhaps creating a mood board for some of the yarns that I will highlight, although, I must balance this with Cari’s advice in my feedback for Assignment 2 to keep the presentation simple.

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