Assignment 4: A Yarn Collection

The brief for this Assignment is to present the work from Coursework Part 4 as a collection.

The course text and my tutor, Cari, have both stressed that the simplest method is usually the best one. I felt that a book format would be the best for presenting the material. Having made a book for Assignment 3, which had four large, loose binding rings, I decided to try a bound version this time. The binding rings, although allowing for future additions to the book, are rather cumbersome to use, and damage the holes drilled in the pages somewhat.

After carrying out some research online, I found this tutorial for a simple, Japanese-style ribbon binding, that looked perfect, if I could scale it up to A3 size. I realised that, with the bulk of the yarns, it would not be a flat book, but rather a ‘fan-shaped’ one.

I decided to use an A3 size card page, as many of the yarns that I had made had larger-sized elements, which would not lend themselves to being wound around a reel or board wrap.

As I only had one page that would be seen in landscape format, I opted to use a portrait orientation.

In order to accommodate the binding, the layout would have a wide margin at the bound edge. I opted to put the ‘inspiration’ images on the left hand page, and the yarns on the right hand page. A few small surprises were included to add a little variety (a sound card on one page; a scent on another; and a ‘flavour’ on a third). Otherwise the layout would be as simple as possible. The deconstruction exercise, also had a small sample of the deconstructed materials for reference.

The majority of pages will be white card, but two will be black as they show off certain of the yarns to best advantage.

The next issue to address, was how to fix the yarns to the page. Some of my yarns were far too large in scale to fit in a book (the coat hanger linear concept, and snake vessel for instance are too large to even send, so will be represented in photographic form only, as will the ephemeral ‘ice yarn’ concept, which no longer exists!). Other pieces which are large-scale, but possible to send will be enclosed in a box, with white labels attached to each. The yarns for inclusion in the book will be trimmed to fit the page size and affixed with a rectangle of card at each end, glued in place with a glue gun. A few elements, required sticky fixing dots instead, and the photographs were attached with a glue stick. The thicker yarns were added towards the outer edge of the page so that they would not impede the binding. The yarns were added, more or less, in the sequence in which they were made, unless they felt more appropriate in other groupings (all the white ones for one exercise, were displayed on a black background, for example).

Labelling will be minimal and consist of page numbers, exercise number and name, and yarn numbers. I chose one of my favourite fonts: Courier New for the labelling throughout.

A brief introductory page and contents page were added at the front, once the pages were all in place and numbered.

I had intended to make the cover white with just the name ‘Yarns’ added, but when I was searching for some nice white paper, I came across some ‘pixellated’ wrapping paper that was very similar to one of my collages used as inspiration for one of the yarn collections, so I chose that more colourful alternative, to be paired with grey ribbon. (I may live to regret that decision, however, as I see that it is showing a few scratches already!).

The board covers were covered with wrapping paper, and had a small section removed at the bound edge, which allows them to open easily. I made a template to mark the punching holes, then used a hammer and hollow punch for the board covers, and an ordinary two-hole punch for the card pages.

The drawings, samples, technical media records and notes will be presented separately in a plastic folder. My written technical notes are so similar to the notes in the learning log, that I will not send them.




Website:- Accessed Feb/Mar 2017

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