Sketchbook: Colour Studies

More colour palettes taken from various settings, for adding to a colour palette book. Themes are emerging: landscape, nature, the built environment, seasonal colour…

Colour Studies 2

I will make about 50 colour palettes before selecting 30 to make into a book format.

I attend the Solway Quilters: a local group with an interest in patchwork, quilting and appliqué. One of the members recently suggested taking up the challenge of making 12 x A4-sized pictures (one per month) to be made into a textile book ready for an exhibition in April 2018. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to make use of some of my collected colour palettes. I decided that I would choose a theme for my book, of: abstract images derived from ‘the built environment’ (not a subject I have used in my art work before). For the first page, I picked an image taken in a library, and used the colour palette I had taken from that image, to select textiles to make into an appliqué. I simplified the forms and colours in a couple of drawings and have begun to sew the picture.



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